Welcome to Diamond Motors

Welcome to our new website for 2019!

No matter if you are a regular visitor to this website or a potential new customer, we’re pretty excited about this one. We plan to start adding regular offers to you all and to keep it simple, all information will be posted in one place. To keep up to date, please be sure to subscribe to our mailing list and get notified on the latest news, updates and our monthly special offers…

And now for something really new, for 2019!

Not only are we continuing to offer our dealer level servicing and maintenance experience on all non-commercial Renault & Renaultsport’s but we are now also proud to announce, we are offering customers of all Dacia and Nissan vehicles access to our amazing level of services. As this is new, we will be offering extra discounts on these brands to help build our already loyal and regular customer base (Thanks to you all, you know who you are).

(Dacia & Nissan, non-commercial vehicles only. Nissan GT-R’s excluded)