Cold weather readiness

So, we’re getting closer to that wonderful time of the year again! Oh no, not yet, wait… No, it’s getting closer to the miserable time of the year which we must endure before we get to the wonderful time. It’s cold (all the time). It’s dark (ALL the time). It’s also the time we depend on the car a bit more but is the car ready for the cold, wet weather?

Here at Diamond Motors, we’re helping you get one step ahead of the Winter niggles that can cause your Renault/Nissan/Dacia to have seasonal issues with reliability and drivability.

Readiness checks by Diamond Motors

No, these aren’t the normal loss leaders which garages tend to use, just to get you in the doors. We’ve designed these series of essential checks to help keep you moving, this winter.

We run this every year between October and November… but don’t delay, as we get booked up fast!

  1. Tyres:
    They keep your vehicle connected to the roads – We’ll check your tyres tread depth, to make sure you’re safe & legal. We’ll even make sure they’re correctly inflated, to ensure the car drives economically & handles as it should.
  2. Brakes:
    We’ll check & measure your vehicles brakes, to make sure they’ve got plenty of life.
  3. Lighting:
    We’ve all seen the maniacs driving around with one light out in the darkness and we’re quick to judge them. We’ll make sure you’re able to see and be seen at night, driving around in the darker conditions.
  4. Suspension:
    Often overlooked, another essential area to help keep your car on the road and under control. We’ll make sure your suspension is in tip-top condition and check that springs aren’t broken, to ensure your vehicle stays on the road.
  5. Starting & Charge systems:
    They may not be sexy but they are still essential items and the colder weather places a higher demand on the battery, starting & charging systems of your car. We’ll check the battery’s health along with your alternators ability to charge the battery effectively and efficiently.
  6. Coolant & Anti-freeze:
    We’re not quite ready for this level of cold yet but blink and it’ll be -2 degrees. (Or worse… shudders). We’ll check your engines coolant, to make sure the anti-freeze levels are able to protect adequately during the winter.
  7. Washers, Wipers & Screen wash:
    We’ll check the condition of these items for you and even refill your screen wash, to make sure you’re able to see and keep your windscreens clean.
  8. Drainage:
    This one always causes havoc with vehicles, this time of the year. I’ts an area that should be taken care of during routine servicing but rarely is (Unless you already bring your car to Diamond Motors of course). We’ll inspect and clean your vehicles drainage systems, so they’re not blocked up or allowing rain water in to the cabin via the heater blower motor/fresh air vents/etc.

All this, for £49.99

Inclusive of VAT at 20% and includes all consumables.