COVID-19 Business opening update

The workshop’s planned move.

Good afternoon all, I hope you’re keeping safe & well at this time.

As some of you are already aware, I have been closed for the past two weeks, due to relocating the workshop and during this time have been unable to answer calls/emails/carry out any work. I wanted to take a bit of time to let you know where we are at, as I had planned to re-open the workshop on Monday 6th April and some of you are already booked in for works on or after this date.

The current situation

Unfortunately, I am unable to re-open as planned due to the new workshop not being completed, ready for Monday 6th. Before anyone asks, myself and the family are all well and we are lucky to be in a position where the business will not be in any danger for a while. The issue stopping us from re-opening is entirely due to the new roller shutter door supplier, who was unable to deliver the new door system and security shutters in the original timescale and will not do so until UK Government restrictions, upon non-essential business and movements has been lifted.

Whilst this is a huge inconvenience, I fully understand and support the decision to keep its workers safe.

Until the Government announces its update on the UK’s three week isolation process next week, I find myself in limbo. Therefore, I have taken the decision to keep the business closed until the end of April, when I can re-evaluate the situation and look to move forwards. This decision has not been reached with ease, as my customers know just how much I love my job and working on customer vehicles. If I am able to open the business again, sooner than this, I will and I’ll update this page along with our social media pages.

In the meantime, thanks for all your messages of support from those of you who have been in touch already!

Update to our regular hours of business – COVID-19

Due to the current situation in the UK with COVID-19 which has essentially hit the pause button for the new workshop project, I have decided to put in place a planned closure. This will remain in place until after the UK Government updates us all on the COVID-19 mandatory three week isolation period. This update will allow us to update this closure accordingly and will allow the safe completion of the new workshop for all staff, customers and tradespersons involved.

I have also had to put in place a temporary revision to the regular business hours which will now show us as closed on Wednesdays. This is to help out with child care issues but to counter this I will reopen Saturdays as a full day for this temporary period.

Unfortunately, we're now closed - Please send us an email & we'll get back to you.We're open again on Monday (28th September 2020) from 09:00 to 17:00
Planned closures:
Planned revision to Regular opening hours (Post COVID-19)
Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday 10:00 - 18:00
Sunday Closed

What if I am already booked in for work?

If you have already booked in with me for work, during April, I will be in touch with you by telephone (where possible) and via email (if you didn’t provide me with a direct contact number) looking to make sure you are safe and looking to either cancel or re-schedule your planned works.

As I am sure you will appreciate at this time, non of this was planned nor can it be helped but we find ourselves in the middle of a really serious, national level crisis and we all need to do our best to stay safe and to not put ourselves or others at risk.

I thank you for you understanding at this time and look forwards to seeing you all again, hopefully in the not too distant future.

Mick ‘Ginger’ Pittman
Diamond Motors Renault Specialists Ltd

Cold weather readiness

So, we’re getting closer to that wonderful time of the year again! Oh no, not yet, wait… No, it’s getting closer to the miserable time of the year which we must endure before we get to the wonderful time. It’s cold (all the time). It’s dark (ALL the time). It’s also the time we depend on the car a bit more but is the car ready for the cold, wet weather?

Here at Diamond Motors, we’re helping you get one step ahead of the Winter niggles that can cause your Renault/Nissan/Dacia to have seasonal issues with reliability and drivability.

Readiness checks by Diamond Motors

No, these aren’t the normal loss leaders which garages tend to use, just to get you in the doors. We’ve designed these series of essential checks to help keep you moving, this winter.

We run this every year between October and November… but don’t delay, as we get booked up fast!

  1. Tyres:
    They keep your vehicle connected to the roads – We’ll check your tyres tread depth, to make sure you’re safe & legal. We’ll even make sure they’re correctly inflated, to ensure the car drives economically & handles as it should.
  2. Brakes:
    We’ll check & measure your vehicles brakes, to make sure they’ve got plenty of life.
  3. Lighting:
    We’ve all seen the maniacs driving around with one light out in the darkness and we’re quick to judge them. We’ll make sure you’re able to see and be seen at night, driving around in the darker conditions.
  4. Suspension:
    Often overlooked, another essential area to help keep your car on the road and under control. We’ll make sure your suspension is in tip-top condition and check that springs aren’t broken, to ensure your vehicle stays on the road.
  5. Starting & Charge systems:
    They may not be sexy but they are still essential items and the colder weather places a higher demand on the battery, starting & charging systems of your car. We’ll check the battery’s health along with your alternators ability to charge the battery effectively and efficiently.
  6. Coolant & Anti-freeze:
    We’re not quite ready for this level of cold yet but blink and it’ll be -2 degrees. (Or worse… shudders). We’ll check your engines coolant, to make sure the anti-freeze levels are able to protect adequately during the winter.
  7. Washers, Wipers & Screen wash:
    We’ll check the condition of these items for you and even refill your screen wash, to make sure you’re able to see and keep your windscreens clean.
  8. Drainage:
    This one always causes havoc with vehicles, this time of the year. I’ts an area that should be taken care of during routine servicing but rarely is (Unless you already bring your car to Diamond Motors of course). We’ll inspect and clean your vehicles drainage systems, so they’re not blocked up or allowing rain water in to the cabin via the heater blower motor/fresh air vents/etc.

All this, for £49.99

Inclusive of VAT at 20% and includes all consumables.

August Battery specials

We’ve been a bit slow on this one, but…

Prices starting from as little as £34.99+VAT, fully fitted.
Offer valid until 31st August 2019.
Any vehicle included, Petrol or Diesel
Excludes vehicles with Start/Stop (See note below)

(Please get in touch for pricing on Start/Stop AGM batteries)

Don’t miss out! Call us or email us now!

Service Specials for June

Special offers for June ’19

This month at Diamond Motors, we’re concentrating on servicing and we’ve got a couple of offers on brakes and servicing which are hard to beat. No matter what you drive, we’ve got something for you listed below.

Remember, we only use genuine service parts because:

  • They fit correctly, first time. This minimises issues in the workshop and saves time.
  • They come with a 12month warranty, so peace of mind is guaranteed.
  • Genuine parts also offer far greater durability and reliability, than some non-genuine parts.

These offers are only applicable to all Renault, Nissan and Dacia non-commercial vehicles and all prices are excluding VAT. Example of vehicles covered are Captur, Clio IV, Scenic III, Kadjar, Megane III/IV

Please get in touch at any time the month to book your vehicle in for any of these offers.

Brake pads for only £8!

Yes, you read it correctly – We’re offering all customers genuine Renault brake pads, when you have your brake discs replaced at the same time, for a mere £8.00+VAT extra.

Our brake disc change pricing starts from a mere £39.99+VAT for an axle set, so get in touch now to find out how much we it’ll cost to replace your brakes.

Free Oil with every service!

When you book any non-commercial vehicle in for either our generic [B] or [C] service plans. Our servicing prices start from as low as £75.00+VAT and we only use genuine service parts.

Timing belt specials – Diesels

Is your timing belt due? We’ve got a super special offer on all vehicles fitted with the K9K 1.5 Diesel engine, helping all you diesel owners out there.

  • Timing belt kit
  • Water pump
  • Coolant

June special price – £320.00+VAT
(Normally £440.00+VAT)

Welcome to Diamond Motors

Welcome to our new website for 2019!

No matter if you are a regular visitor to this website or a potential new customer, we’re pretty excited about this one. We plan to start adding regular offers to you all and to keep it simple, all information will be posted in one place. To keep up to date, please be sure to subscribe to our mailing list and get notified on the latest news, updates and our monthly special offers…

And now for something really new, for 2019!

Not only are we continuing to offer our dealer level servicing and maintenance experience on all non-commercial Renault & Renaultsport’s but we are now also proud to announce, we are offering customers of all Dacia and Nissan vehicles access to our amazing level of services. As this is new, we will be offering extra discounts on these brands to help build our already loyal and regular customer base (Thanks to you all, you know who you are).

(Dacia & Nissan, non-commercial vehicles only. Nissan GT-R’s excluded)