We use dealer level diagnostics for fast and accurate fault finding on your Renault, Renaultsport, Dacia & Nissan vehicles in Nottingham for the Midlands

Diagnostics – Fault finding and system testing.

Vehicle breakdowns are rare events these days and generally speaking, modern cars are super reliable but when a fault does occur, manufacturers are heavily invested in making sure you cannot do it yourself. Most people know they’re going to need reliable diagnostics, to find the problem and stand a chance of fixing it – How can you fully trust someone?

Vehicle Networks – CAN & K-Line communications

These multiplexed networks of machines, controllers and computers are supposed to make life easier for all involved but that’s not always the case. To make it even trickier, each manufacturer likes to keep its customers on their toes by changing the way things are done and of course, no two manufacturers do things in exactly the same way.

This makes buying equipment, that can reliably communicate with your vehicle, a tricky decision and the equipment can cost thousands to buy and thousands more each year to actually run. There is no such thing as a single piece of equipment that works well on all vehicles and most aftermarket equipment aimed at professionals maybe strong in some areas and weak in others. As the vehicles become more and more complex and parts become ever more expensive, it is imperative that you get the most reliable information and advice, to help correctly identify the area of concern.

Here at Diamond Motors, we only work on Renault, Nissan and Dacia vehicles, meaning we only use actual dealer level diagnostic systems and technical services, such as process documentation and wiring schematics which are specific to your vehicle. This information helps us make a far more informed and accurate decisions, saving you money.

We don’t like guess work and try to encourage our customers to prove the fault, before potentially wasting hundreds on parts that aren’t required.

Our Diagnostic services

Check & report all faults, on all vehicle systems

Diagnostic Report


Full fault finding session, up to 1Hr

Diagnostic Session


Live data – Reading in-between the codes.

Generic fault codes Vs Live data and manufacturer specific codes

Fault codes can be a great asset, helping in identifying an area specific to the problem but here’s the real question. Are generic fault codes specific enough to tell you exactly where the fault lay?

The honest answer is simple – No, they can’t
… Just because a component is declaring a fault, the issue could still be in one of three areas. The component itself, the wiring between the controller/component or another issue somewhere, effecting the output of what ever the component is controlling/measuring (example: a mechanical fault).