When it comes to servicing your Z.E/Zero Emission Renault EV such as the Renault Zoe ZE service and Renault Twizy ZE we recommend, depending on the age of your car, that you look to service it every 12 months / 12,500 miles or 24 months / 25,000 miles. We would also advise that you check your vehicle’s manual to better understand the servicing schedule of your specific vehicle.

Zoe ZE Service is generally straight forward as they don’t have timing belts, engine oil or spark plugs, which must be serviced to specific schedules. They do though require a regular service to maintain the general vehicles general standard and to replace some filters as well as most importantly to keep an eye on the physical battery health for longevity/charging issues.

We only use genuine Renault, Nissan or Dacia parts, or manufacturer approved OE parts, as they are designed specifically to work with your ZE vehicle. Genuine parts are subject to higher quality checks and conform to car manufacturer standards.

Servicing Options

Diamond Motors offer a range of Zoe ZE Service options. Our most common servicing packages are listed below. Expand each option to view the details for each package. If you require something specific then we’d be happy to discuss your requirements when you book the service.

General EV service & Inspection check

EV-A Service


EV-A plus brake fluid change

EV-B Service