Like most businesses these days, Diamond Motors use a CCTV system for the monitoring and protection of our business premises. We are registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office - https://ico.org.uk/) and comply with policy and guidelines that regulate the use of CCTV at our premises.

Why do we use CCTV?

We use CCTV for the protection of our business premises and to protect customer vehicles against theft and vandalism whilst in our care. The system in use is a Ring Security System with "Ring Protect". We control how and when the system is operational, to maximise security and safety on-site, whilst remaining compliant with current regulations.

  • All captured video / audio is securely stored offsite and encrypted for protection.
  • Only our authorised Data Controller has access to the archive (to prevent data falling into the wrong hands).
  • The system is only activated when a customer interacts with it (e.g. pressing the doorbell) or if motion is detected within our business car parking area out of hours.
  • No video / audio is recorded during normal business hours in any of the public or private areas of the workshop or business car parking area.
  • All recording devices are calibrated to record only within our business property boundaries.

You can read more about the Ring security eco-system here - https://en-uk.ring.com/.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions or queries regarding our CCTV Privacy Policy then please contact us.